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Chaque réseau et entreprise est unique. En nous appuyant sur notre portefeuille de services de conception, Polycom vous aidera à identifier les cas d'utilisation, à comprendre les interdépendances, à réduire les risques, à produire une solution qui fonctionne exactement comme vous voulez et à raccourcir le temps de mise en œuvre. Vous pourrez ainsi économiser du temps, des ressources et de l'argent.

To assist you in deploying your solution successfully into your environment, Polycom offers a full range of services associated with solution design, network readiness and the physical deployment of your solution by creating the blueprint for seamless collaboration solutions.

  • Platform Solution Design Service
    Simplify the integration of Polycom RealPresence Video Solutions into your production environment with minimal impact and maximum ROI with Polycom technical experts who provide proven experience and practical knowledge. Solution Design Service is the first step in designing the physical deployment of your solution.
  • Video Network Readiness Service
    How well your network performs is key to the success of your video solution’s deployment. For your employees to receive video performance of consistently high quality, you want to be sure your network is ready to manage and support video traffic. By assessing your network’s performance before you deploy a Polycom solution, you can identify in advance any areas that may affect the performance of your solution. Polycom is a leading expert in the requirements for high-performance video traffic over an IP network.
  • Client Service Manager
    Do you need a single point of contact for your whole project? Someone who will save you time and money and be accountable for the deployment of your entire collaboration solution?  A Polycom Client Service Manager (CSM) provides you and your Polycom partner with a single point of accountability - from pre-sales through to implementation, deployment and ongoing operation. The CSM is the point of contact for the Polycom sales team, its partners/resellers, its customer executives and its technical stakeholders.

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