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  • Coast-to-coast office collaboration
  • Eliminate lag in video sharing
  • Bring remote film makers to live audiences
  • Enterprise-grade reliability

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Empowering innovative filmmaking and work-from-anywhere collaboration

The Sundance Institute is a champion of independent storytellers, filmmakers, digital artists and composers from around the globe. By providing support, space and inspiration, Sundance helps these artists create and showcase new work.

To foster collaboration between these artistic voices, the Sundance Institute trusts Polycom for collaboration solutions that are reliable, enterprise grade and easy to use.

At its annual film festival, Sundance uses Polycom technology to bring world-famous directors and filmmakers in remote locations to live events and audience discussions. Reliable, seamless collaboration allows audiences and artists to connect on a deeper level.

“The core of our mission is to support artists and connect artists with audiences. Sometimes filmmakers or subjects are not able to make it because of distance or travel visas, but they’re still an important voice in that project. So being able to bring them here remotely with a clear picture and good sound, we’re delivering on our mission to the audience,” says Holden Payne, Technical Director, Exhibition and Production, Sundance Institute.

The Sundance Institute also relies on Polycom for daily planning meetings and work sessions with its remote offices in LA, New York and Park City. “With our Polycom solution, we are seeing employees use video a lot more. Now when they go into the conference room, it’s easy to connect with another conference room, it’s easy to bring in remote participants, and the video’s clear, the audio’s clear and they’re having a real effective meeting,” says Justin Simmons, Director of Technology Services, Sundance Institute.

“We have tried other unnamed products, and Polycom gives us the quality of picture, the quality of sound, the reliability – that when you have a paying audience in the house, you have one time to do it. Polycom delivers on all of those criteria for us,” says Payne. “Our Polycom solution has made the experience much better,” adds Simmons.

Polycom continues to provide innovative collaboration solutions that allow The Sundance Institute to advance its mission and purpose in the world.

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